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Posted in love with tags , , , on September 4, 2017 by tholath

It’s amazing how a single moment can change everything
The brush of lips against a face can weaken the mightiest
A gesture could change the world

Not long ago I saw a face so bright
I still search for the words to describe it
For all my searching I still have no words to define it

I searched the universe for inspiration but came up empty
I searched my emotions but found myself drowning
I searched for destiny, and I found you

All I know is that i love you more than i did yesterday
And i know, i will love you even more tomorrow..

Oh my beautiful smile
If I ever get a chance to come back to this world after I am deceased..
I would love to come as the mark on your face, that’s next to your smile..



Posted in love with tags , on August 26, 2010 by tholath

The night is just beginning, oh it has just started
The moment is filled with an unknown emotion
The atmosphere is so lively..
Just look at us, the love is young in our hearts

Those looks are telling me, just telling me
How deep you have me inside your heart
Its playing with me, the feeling is so strong
Without a single word so many are spoken
Without a sound a melody is played

This time has its own way with us
Makes us feel like one
Holding us as a bond so strong, a bond of might

This love makes me want to belong to you
This love makes me who I am today
This love showed me the true path… of love

Photo by Thoriq

I miss your smile…

Posted in love with tags , , on June 21, 2010 by tholath

I open my eyes for new day
Thinking that I would see you someday
My hopes lost when you walked away
My life is so astray

I keep looking at my phone just to hear a beep
But all I hear is my heart’s weep
Life is so lifeless..
How can this be so restless..

I remember the nights we spent
But now it feels so dent
The nights are so long
The moments are forever gone..

I remember you looking at me..
And now I know you were the key

No matter how much I try you are on my mind
No matter how much I try my heart is never kind

I miss your face looking back at me
I miss your eyes gazing at me
I just can’t let it be
I just cant be me..

God I miss your touch
God I miss you so much

Most of all I miss your beautiful smile…

Moon in our hands…

Posted in love with tags , , on March 1, 2010 by tholath

A Gentle breeze touch your hair
A tender smile lights your face
I see the eyes that lift me high
Oh god please help me spare

Those hands, I want to touch
Her closeness I want to feel
It makes me so alive

How to resist this temptation
How do I play with the heart’s competition?
How do I let her see my soul’s recognition?

I touched her hand from under
Lifted it with an excuse of tender

Placing the moon just on top of our hands
Becoming one with just a stand

Being so myself, I never felt so proud
I felt I was lifted on a cloud

As I stand with her I felt all love
I wish she could feel all my love..
I never knew the moon could smile
As our smiles left on our faces awhile