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To My Son

Posted in Uncategorized on May 10, 2012 by tholath

I still remember running to the sound of my father’s footsteps, when I was a child.
My mom would say he had come.
I and my sister would run to him, we had our own rivalry.
Dad’s soul was my sister and I was the heart of my mom. I guess it’s fair.

Dad used to take a small break from work and nap at three in the afternoon.
Mother never let us shout and play at that time.
But I always wished that he would wake up and play with us.
I didn’t understand much as I was young.
It was the time when I needed him to be with me.

As I grew up his guidance was what I saw.
His advice helped me.
His love and care made me a better person.
His hard work and effort was what I saw in our family.

People tell stories of my father.
Stories of how an island boy was brought to Male’.
He built a house from zilch.
Also took care of the whole family.
He built his life from nothing except love, care courage, patience etc…

As I glance back at my past.
I understand the time I never had and how I was brought up.
I appreciate his love and how much he cared for me.
There never goes a day, I thank god for giving me such a great father.

Now, as I am a dad I feel proud to share the family legend of my father with my children.
As I watch my son smiling and running towards me for a hug, I completely understand my father.

I use to complain that dad was never around, but it was just a misunderstanding.
When I look at my son, I see myself. I understand how much he needs me.
But I wonder if I will have enough time for him.
I am worried that someday he might think in a different way.
He is young and too small to understand.

But it is my son who showed me how a father could love.
Now I know how my father loved me and how he protected me.
I will never let a bad shadow fall on you. I will always love you my son.
I will love you forever and ever…….