I miss your smile…

I open my eyes for new day
Thinking that I would see you someday
My hopes lost when you walked away
My life is so astray

I keep looking at my phone just to hear a beep
But all I hear is my heart’s weep
Life is so lifeless..
How can this be so restless..

I remember the nights we spent
But now it feels so dent
The nights are so long
The moments are forever gone..

I remember you looking at me..
And now I know you were the key

No matter how much I try you are on my mind
No matter how much I try my heart is never kind

I miss your face looking back at me
I miss your eyes gazing at me
I just can’t let it be
I just cant be me..

God I miss your touch
God I miss you so much

Most of all I miss your beautiful smile…


10 Responses to “I miss your smile…”

  1. no words. its so touching thol. i feel like crying. really gud. luv ur poems. 🙂

  2. oooh laalaaaaaa kiyaa baath hey…. speechless, u r good writer thol… really …. luv dis poem.

  3. oh my my,I just can’t believe this,your poetry is aesthetic,i just wanna say “WOW”

  4. thank you guys 🙂

  5. So Heart touching…. very nice.. Asluves… I LIKE IT BODHU BODHU KOH!! 🙂 hehe.. Keep up the Good Work thol.. you can be gr8 writer.. meehunge hihkathilaa varuge molhu writer ahkah vevidhaane kan hama yageen… 😛 🙂 wish you all the best.. tc hope to hear more from you..

  6. Good job..so touching..Keep up ur good work 🙂

  7. NYConfire Says:

    look guys, this poem is jst so good!!! omg *tear*

  8. ey vara salhi…….. obi ingy……………….:p

  9. nice dr
    gd exprns
    al bst

  10. Haadha reethi poem ekey..:)

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