Moon in our hands…

A Gentle breeze touch your hair
A tender smile lights your face
I see the eyes that lift me high
Oh god please help me spare

Those hands, I want to touch
Her closeness I want to feel
It makes me so alive

How to resist this temptation
How do I play with the heart’s competition?
How do I let her see my soul’s recognition?

I touched her hand from under
Lifted it with an excuse of tender

Placing the moon just on top of our hands
Becoming one with just a stand

Being so myself, I never felt so proud
I felt I was lifted on a cloud

As I stand with her I felt all love
I wish she could feel all my love..
I never knew the moon could smile
As our smiles left on our faces awhile


7 Responses to “Moon in our hands…”

  1. varah baraabaru, ekam molhu echeh liyelaabala thihen ulhefa

  2. will try, thankx buddy 🙂

  3. alhey!! loabi kan!! its so sweet. really thol. cant wait to read more of ur poems. this one is so far my fav ingey. 🙂

  4. aaai..! fakkaley ingey ingey..!!!

  5. you are so talented,i just love this poem…………..

  6. thankx 🙂

  7. wOw… I am deeply in love with your poems 😛 lol.. hehe This one is also very nice..

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