My inspiration…


I wonder what happened
I thought I understood life so well
But was lonely at heart…
Until I met you.
You have opened a door that had been locked for so long…

I wonder how this could be
I remember your words that night
“I felt my life was lifeless…
But then you came along and it feels like my life is full of life again…”
The words so powerful
Penetrated my heart…

The world I knew was black and white…
You have made it so colorful
I wonder what has happened
And how you became my inspiration… for life


13 Responses to “My inspiration…”

  1. superb……:P

  2. boli rava Says:

    wow …i dont think i hav the right words to say i really love this poem

  3. hey its really nice…gud work…me 2 luv it.-:P

  4. Nice poem bro. Is this really your inspiration? If so I appreciate

  5. I like the pic and the poem too

  6. wow great work thol…shakespear vuren ves hama obi …

  7. shakespeare aaa vaadhan kuranee dho

  8. awesome pic bro. Heartfelt words. very nice!

  9. Joseph A Tholath Says:

    True inspiration! 🙂

  10. thol bro haadha molhey dhoa,.. genetics ge thedhukan haama vey..thee ham soadhubeye dhariyeh..hehe

  11. 🙂

  12. heart touching,thol ge poem thah kiyaa iru hama heevanee mashah ehen dhuni ye akah dhevigen ulheyhen,varah varah reethi………….keep up the good work.

  13. thol!! dis is just awesome eh..salhi hama varah..gadha ingey..:P

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