The power has gone, and i am with just a candle..
With a light so dim..
but dont know why .. i feel you here with me..
i watch the dancing flame, thinking that one day i will be with you..

I feel cold..
but your presence makes me warm from within..
those eyes have lightened up my heart..
that smile has lit my life

Thank you for caring..
and making me feel at home in your heart..
I will never ever forget you..

photo by KudaNai


14 Responses to “Candle..”

  1. wow….kiyaa hoobsoorath saairaane hay….haadha salhi aah lhemey…very beautfiul work and the poem toooo…short and sweeet…keep going.

  2. hey thee mashah liyefatha?……..salhi foto eh

  3. naail rocks igey… ey hama obi gola eh 😀 and ya .. poem ves ok :PpPPpP

  4. hmmmm… some spelling errors that was missed by the checker 😐


  5. hama soadhubey, hehe. nice ordering of words. and good photography here naail.

  6. mie Mysore ey, emergency light kudi, heheh

  7. kobaa nei the update ei?

  8. boli rava Says:

    wow wat a beautifully made poem…and very gud photogarphy

  9. Joseph A Tholath Says:

    Really felt your presence …. 🙂

  10. Varah varah varah varah varah reethi poemeh.. dhen avahh course huttaalaafa lhen hadhan fashaa…

  11. loabii kann. short and sweet. want to read more of ur poems thol.

  12. thank you guys 🙂

  13. what to say each and every poem of you are commendable,just love it……..and one more thing,next time when you upload poems or articles i guess its better to check for the mistakes before uploading it
    cz there is some spelling mistakes like “precence” ——-“presence”…..anyways good job

  14. thnkx shaba for pointing that out, i’ll keep in mind 🙂

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