A new dawn for Maldivian Police

“President appoints officials to senior Police, MNDF positions” media reports making history… this was exciting news as people had anticipated so much on this topic. But for me I needed to see what the most powerful law enforcement agency the MPS would be during this change.

The organization

Truly Maldives Police Service has made history today. It has been given the change to embrace change. MPS been the most powerful law enforcement agency in town will now face the toughest challenge of all, to prove to the people that it is part of them and is not apart from them. Earlier history states that people regarded MPS as a tool of politics a tool of power that would be executed then and there for political reasoning. Many incidents have occurred during the last five years which included mistreating prisoners to even custodial deaths and MPS been given the center of attention in almost all.

It was perfectly clear from the very beginning that the management of MPS was getting “old” day by day, unfair promotions, favoritism, nepotism, sidelining for difference of opinion and been neglected played “culture” within the organization. Junior officers were subjected to very unfair treatments. This was the practice in general. Many officers tried to change it within the system and suffered a lot resulting in resigning, change of section/unit, promotion been halted and even transfer from police.

Even after its independence from the military the organization was in a shadow of military rule. Many senior officers were from military background. This was also another factor for the unfair treatments… because the agency was a civilian unit but had adapted military rules within it.

The Commissioner

Preferably the highest position in MPS was under the direct threat of political chaos! Pressure from each side was always imminent. This post was not independent it was under direct command of the political environment. Sadly law enforcement failed in many areas.

But the former Commissioner had done a lot to be neutral to the public. Even though people argue, his skills of management survived through harsh time, “Made a stand through it all”. But as the environment changed the post was also subjected to change. It is very lucid that MPS had reached new heights in investigations, training and forensic science. This is in fact is the work of commissioner and his senior management. But keeping it alive was on the shoulders of the junior officers who dedicated so much and sacrifice.

New commissioner

Arguably the toughest job! Reconstruction, rebuilding, “taking out the trash” are just a little on the list for the top most brass of the MPS now. His work and training will be tested, carefully monitored by many eyes and ears. Challenges are just limitless and fingers will point from everywhere. Most of all he has to prove that he is not the former commissioner.

Many junior officers are expecting for change praying for it and had been doing it for a long time. The organization needs a person who would put forward the religion, country and people before him. A person who is completely out of biased politics.

I wish the newly appointed commissioner of police the very best and May you guide this nation and create faith in people towards the true concept of “to protect and serve”.


5 Responses to “A new dawn for Maldivian Police”

  1. lets see which way the cat jumps

  2. Thank you Bunyameen, i am hoping for a change!

  3. Your dad told you that MPS is most powerful law enforcement agency?
    Wat military you are talking about?, General Maumoon’s military right?
    Don’t worry about the change! Anni is not bad as u think!
    Even u have written bad things about your president Anni on facebook groups, blogs etc.
    I think you are jealous of MNDF.Now don’t be jealous!
    I know you very well.!!!!!!!

  4. Thank you for your comment Hussein. Hussein, I think you may have misinterpreted some of the things that I have written. Let me further explain why I labeled MPS as the most powerful law enforcement agency. If you take law enforcement agencies like MPS,Customs,Immigtartion and DPRS the work they do are clearly visible on all perspectives the good and the bad for that matter. And MPS is one of the oldest and most horned establishments of the law enforcement family in Maldives. Even though some may argue, MPS has gone through a lot in the recent reform process. This was one organization which felt each and every shake of the powerful earth quake! Directly or indirectly.. so I consider this as the most experienced and the most prestige law enforcement body in country. And since it deals “directly” with the internal security of the country this makes it the most powerful agency.

    And about the second point that you raise about Military, I do not understand what you are trying to say. But I do have one thing to tell you that I’m currently serving with “the green uniform” and all I know is that President Mohamed Nasheed Anni is our Commander in Chief and I will serve him as I am directed. Serving my country is my greatest success…
    labeling people good or bad is not a thing I do. But I do like critical and productive thinking.


  5. Joseph A Tholath Says:

    cheers 🙂

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