A criminal is not born but made… (Family aspect)

People might wonder what makes a criminal to become a criminal… this process is a long process which indeed starts from the very beginning of childhood.  Here are some family related factors that affect a human brain to convert in to a criminal mind.

Families in general are a group of related people living under the same roof. Family reflects of what and who we are at most times. It is also a reflection of how one is brought up. The family is basically divided in to three groups. They are ‘Parents’, ‘Siblings’ and ‘Relatives’.

Here are some examples of family disasters:

  • If the parents are unable to care for the child, an ignored child
  • Abusive parents (physically and mentally)
  • Poor parental love (most cases young mothers with illegitimate children
  • Single parent ( runway youngsters and separated parents
  • Children of alcoholics and drug users

These are major areas that can affect the brain of a young child. In some cases like abusive parents, the child tends to imitate what he/she has gone through in the early childhood; he/she would be a mirror reflection of the abuses he/she had gone through. That is why it is advised not to even quarrel in front of the child.

There are some other factors also, like the siblings with criminal background. A brother or a sister can also have a bad influence on a young mind. And as well, relatives of criminals tend to turn in to criminals. But this is rare; then again it happens in many parts of the world.  Then the most important part is what most parents exercise the most… it is over strictness. “It is human instinct to search for an exit in case of fire”… likewise youngsters would try everything they can to escape in to the freedom from the strict rules and regulation they face at home.

Even so some people from broken or criminal families turn out great. These are just some causes that generally play a huge role in converting a human brain into a criminal mind…


7 Responses to “A criminal is not born but made… (Family aspect)”

  1. Joseph A Tholath Says:

    Good note. gr8 style. 🙂

  2. Madhu Goswami Says:

    i actually had to speak on a similar topic for a debate at school.This note proved to be really fruitful..thanks

  3. Damn gud….n interesting as well….Really well written article!

  4. brunda chavan Says:

    its really gud……. what ever is written is really true…………………

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  6. It’s going to be finish of mine day, except before ending I am reading this enormous article to increase my knowledge.

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